Cheshire Hangmen

If you have hanging as a punishment, it obviously follows that you need somebody to carry out the penalty of the law, the hangman.
For earlier executioners there were other punishments to carry out, such as branding, flogging, burning, etc
Hanging was often a part time role, with a fee being paid for each job. It involved little skill, perhaps the ability to tie a knot, and you did not even have to turn up sober.
The hangman was often a reviled character, even by those who employed him, as well as the public in general. However if the person to be despatched was particularly reviled, the hangman might become albeit briefly, a hero.
Hangmen could be recruited from the ranks of the prisoners themselves, or anyone who was desperate enough for the fee. Their names were not recorded for posterity, unless their notoriety demanded it.

Sammy Burrows was the first I have found in Cheshire.He reined from 1812 to 1835, being a rat catcher by profession, and undertook about 50 executions in and around Cheshire, but he was also known for his drunkeness.
His first recorded execution was of
His last execution was of Samuel Thorley in 1833

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