Joseph Roscoe Gibbons 1944

Convicted for the murder of his Landlady, Mary Waters, aged 61, of 66 Hilbre Street, Birkenhead. 65 year old Gibbons attacked her with a poker, on September 27th, and she died 2 days later. He said it had been caused by jealousy.He went straight to the Police Station after the act, and handed himself in.He attacked her after seeing her brother in law leave the house as he was arriving home from work.

James Ford 1843

A 23 year old form Mottram, he was convicted for the murder of Samuel Shaw, whom he attacked following a drinking session at The Angel Inn, at Mottram. It seems he had intentions on Mrs Shaw, who was described as “not of prepossesing apearance” in the press.However there was evidence that he had raped her whilst her husband lay insensible nearby. The jury reccommended mercy, and sentence was respited. Ford was held at the Castle, and the news of the reprieve was not immediately passed on to the City Officials, who had paid out £10 to bring an executioner from Dudly.

1886 Robert Travis

Travis, the proprietor of the Swan Hotel in Sutton, was convicted and sentenced to Death for the murder of Mrs Jane McIntyre, the wife of a Sea Captain.
Initially Travis was charged along with Elizabeth Platt, 23, whom he was engaged to be married, although she was 25 years his junior.Platt was the victim’s sister, and during a drunken February night together,for some reason Travis attacked her, afterwards saying that the whiskey had made him do it.
His sentence was commuted to life imprisonment

Links and Research

I have been interested in old murder cases for many years, and have gathered bits and pices of information as and when, until I found I had boxes and boxes of bits of information overflowing into everywhere. Then when retirement loomed, I began the website as a way of putting the information out there, and decided to try and give it some sort of order. This is purely a hobby for me, and I welcome feedback and further information.
I enjoy the research, and have visited the Cheshire Record Office, and the National Archives, but they are all a long way away, so mostly I use whatever I can find on the internet, and I am a keen user of the British Newspaper Archive – I have found some of my own criminal ancestors too!

LINKS great for your London Ancestors ( like mine)

1759 — Stevenson

From the Sussex Advertiser May 1759 ( through British Newspaper Archive)- it appears that Stevenson was found guilty of the indictment of Murder of a Mr Elcock, but that there was an irregularity with his arrest warrant, which was a point of law that would have to be decided by 12 judges, (presumably in London). Despite searching, I cannot find any further reference to this case.