1859 Danks and Bolton

Richard Bolton and John Danks were captured in Wincanton, Somerset after information was recieved from Nantwich Police, following the murder of a gamekeeper at Doddington.They were taken to Nantwich on Christmas Eve 1858. They had allegedly shot and killed James Beech and Thomas Maddocks, gamekeepers, at Bridgemere, on the night of 26th November 1858. They were convicted and sentenced to death but there was some public disquiet that the gamekeepers had not follwed the law in trying to apprehend the poachers. They were reprieved June 1859

1864 Salome Marsh

Found guilty of the murder of her child, 40 year old Marsh gave birth to her female child at Stoke on Trent. She went from there to Stalybridge, where she killed the child by holding its head under water in the canal. At her trial the jury reccommended mercy, and her sentence was cummuted a week later

Arthur Rushton 1946

33 year old Rushton murdered his girlfriend, 18 year old Catherine Cooper, by stabbing her after her parents asked them to cool their relationship. There was an age difference plus he was already married.
She died in the ambulance on the way to hospital, and shortly afterwards Rushton went to the same hospital stating he was suffering from poisoning. He was charged with murder and attempted suicide.
Found guilty, he was hanged on 19th November by Albert Pierrepoint, at Liverpool. He refused to appeal, and stated that he wanted to join Catherine.

James Leah 1926

Leah was a farmer from Finlow Farm, Over Alderly, who was a bully over many years to his family. One day his wife and one of his daughters left due to his manner. The next day the remaining daughter, Louise, told him that she too was leaving, so he attacked her with a hedge knife, and gave her several gashes to the throat. She managed to get 300 yards to Dickens farm where her mather and sister were staying, and collapsed in her sisters arms. He then tried to cut his own throat, and was found bleeding under a pile of hay, in a fodder store. He was taken to hospital, and arrested on discharge with his wounds dressed.
At his trial he admitted to killing his daughter, and was sentenced to death.
He was hanged on November 16th by Thomas Pierrepoint.

James Ellor 1920

36 year old Ellor had a row with his wife,Ada, and she left him to stay with a friend, at 8 Travis Street, Hyde. She applied for a summons against her husband for his persistent cruelty. Ellor found where she was staying, and went to ask her to return. The friend left the two to talk, and a short while later Ellor gave himself up to Police Constable Hughes, saying “I want you to lock me up. I have just murdered my wife in the back kitchen of No. 8, Travis-stveet. I hit her the head with a hammer She is separated from me. I tried to get her to return, but she refused.”
He was convicted, and hanged on August 11th by John Ellis.