1759 — Stevenson

From the Sussex Advertiser May 1759 ( through British Newspaper Archive)- it appears that Stevenson was found guilty of the indictment of Murder of a Mr Elcock, but that there was an irregularity with his arrest warrant, which was a point of law that would have to be decided by 12 judges, (presumably in London). Despite searching, I cannot find any further reference to this case.

1859 Danks and Bolton

Richard Bolton and John Danks were captured in Wincanton, Somerset after information was recieved from Nantwich Police, following the murder of a gamekeeper at Doddington.They were taken to Nantwich on Christmas Eve 1858. They had allegedly shot and killed James Beech and Thomas Maddocks, gamekeepers, at Bridgemere, on the night of 26th November 1858. They were convicted and sentenced to death but there was some public disquiet that the gamekeepers had not follwed the law in trying to apprehend the poachers. They were reprieved June 1859